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Gemini Mermaids believes in friendship, giving back + being kind to one another. We make + sell original graphic tees, boho jewelry + clothing that support our mission of creating a happier world for everyone. By purchasing Gemini Mermaids you're buying a product that has a value added story, quality and style! 

Gemini Mermaids is a vintage-inspired women’s knitwear brand. The label was co-created by two best friends who were inspired by a love for the sea, the magical power of friendship, vintage tees + creating a brand that encouraged kindness.

Known for its iconic hand drawn designs, dreamlike fabric quality, and clothes that tell a story, Gemini Mermaids' designs focus on positive messages and promoting love + kindness. Our coveted line of BFF shirts are daringly adorable and amazingly powerful in creating the magic that only a BFF can.

We believe that being kind can change the world. A simple act every day can turn one’s day (or life) around. It’s free, it’s easy and it makes you feel great so carry on our mission and be #prettyKIND

Our products are crafted + created with love, thought + care. Our hand drawn graphics shirts + sizing chart reflects our approach to promoting positive body image by offering a perfect "YOU" size cut. Thanks for supporting our brand and teaching young women how kindness can change the world!

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Gemini Mermaids